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CHIPS provides the liquidity, resiliency and operational efficiency financial institutions require from a wire transfer system.

Liquidity Efficiency
CHIPS’ pre-funding process and multilateral netting capability make it the most liquidity-efficient wire transfer system in the world.

  • At the beginning of each processing day, participating financial institutions fund a small portion of their total payments for the day.
  • Throughout the day, the system matches payments between many institutions at once, netting the amounts between all parties in real-time.
  • Each dollar in the system can clear $500 - $600 in payments over the course of the payments day. For each participant, this translates to more funds available for other cash management activities.

No Below-Zero Balance = No Daylight Overdraft
CHIPS does not allow participants to go below a zero balance – so there are no daylight overdraft charges to erode cost efficiency.

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Performance, Security and Resiliency
CHIPS delivers nearly 100% availability year after year and meets the highest standards for security and resiliency. Multiple hot back-up sites are tested regularly and can take over in a moment’s notice if needed.